About Us



We're always here for our customers.

Gogo-Fund was founded by Xavier Desaunettes.

Xavier grew up in a loving but financially modest family. He has always been involved in sports but developed a special passion for Tae Kwon Do. Travelling and competition costs were expensive and he needed to rely on others generosity to allow him to travel and compete. This was the beginning to our fundraising journey.

For the past 18 years he has worked in helping people fund-raise to reach personal growth and dreams. He has proven this by innovating, in recent years, new strategies and programs that have enabled hundreds of organisations to make unexpected profits.

He has helped some of the largest Fundraising companies and their clients surpass their objectives.

Both in the US and in Canada, he has helped developed and facilitated important strategic partnerships to maximise every fundraisers profits.

Xavier will always be here for each an every customer!

We work hard, and we win.

The Gogo-Fund works very hard to keep our pricing as low as humanly possible. Keeping our cost low is at the heart of our mission. WHY?

Lower cost = Higher profit FOR YOU

This extra profit YOU will earn by working with us will be used towards your reaching your dreams.

To reach this objective we find new innovative ways to keep our expenses as low as possible: we invest time and effort towards a website that is informative, clear, and intuitive to remove the need for expensive sales representatives. Keeping in line with this mission, we do not have an expensive physical office location. 

These savings are passed on to you so that you can earn more and dream bigger.