Smencils Fundraiser

Smencils Fundraiser

Smencils are the #1 selling fundraiser in most elementary schools

Are you looking for a fresh new fundraising product?

If you need a great fundraiser that is different from the traditional candy fundraiser, try selling Smencils.
Since its creation, Smencils has become the premier scented pencil and scented pen supplier to the fundraising industry.

Scented pencils are a product that kids will love because they are fun, and aromatically pleasing and parents should love them because they are inherently practical, and useful and they are sugar-free.

Despite the individual packaging to maintain freshness, they are also relatively environmentally friendly because everything is either made from recycled products and/or is biodegradable.

2 year scent guarantee. Smencils have been around for over 15 years and continue to be popular amongst preschool and elementary school students.

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Raise money for your school, team, club or community group with the most reliable fundraiser there is.

Not only are you raising money, but you’re doing something good for the environment too.

Smencils 500 pack

Smencils Scented Pencils
Smencils Scented Pencils

300 pencils

Party Animals Smencils
Party Animals Smencils

300 pencils

Sweetheart Valentine Smencils
Sweetheart Valentine Smencils

300 pencils

Soda Shop Smencils
Soda Shop Smencils

500 pencils

Spring Smencils
Spring Smencils

300 pencils

13 reasons Smencils fundraising works:

  1. No sugar
  2. No calories
  3. They don’t melt
  4. They’re useful
  5. They’re interesting
  6. They’re eco friendly
  7. They teach the benefits of recycling
  8. They’re unique – so there’s no competition
  9. They’re all packed up and ready to go
  10. Sell anytime of the year and in many ways
  11. 2 year scent guarantee
  12. Everyone Loves Smencils
  13. FREE Shipping on All Orders!
All our smencils fundraiser products are a fast & fun way for groups to make a profit.

How does a Smencils fundraiser work?

Smencils make great school fundraisers. They’re fun to sell, and students love the scents.

Schools sell them around Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Smencils make the perfect non-candy fundraiser

Choose a product to sell.

Once you submit our purchase order form we’ll ship you your Smencils free of charge.

* Payment is required by credit or debit card at the time the order is taken. Products are generally received within seven business days.

And speaking of profit, you can make up to 45%

Smencils fundraiser highlights:

We offer the top 12 selling Smencils and Smens in fundraising.

Minimum Order: 1 Case
Sell for: $1 each
Profit: 42% to 45%
Delivery: 7 business days
Shipping FREE

Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years

Smencils fundraisers have quickly become one of the more exciting options for kids.

Parents are always eager to seize every opportunity to make their children’s learning environment more enjoyable. Smencils are a fantastic method to achieve this. Because of their appeal among children and parents, Smencils are easy to market!

Questions About Smencils Fundraiser

What’s a Smencil School Fundraiser?

Smencils are scented pencils made from recycled newspapers. They are the perfect fundraising product for schools. Kids love them making Smecils easy to sell.

How long do Smencils last?

Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years. Every Smencil comes inside its own recyclable plastic freshness tube

Are Smencils toxic?

The scents are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and are generally regarded as safe. But the manufacturer does not claim they are 100% harmless

How much do Smencils cost?

Smencils sell for $1.00 each ship by the case. Each case contains a certain number of inner buckets, you can make up to 45%