$1 Pretzel Rods


This popular item is Sweet & Salty! THEY DO NOT CONTAIN PEANUTS! This makes them an ideal post-school snack, Christmas stuffer, or Halloween treat. Each crispy salted pretzels coated in milk chocolate and rolled in delicious candy pieces are individually wrapped and available in a variety of delectable flavors.

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Chocolate covered pretzels have become very popular with fundraisers.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods are a simple and delicious sweet treat that works well at any fundraising event. These pretzels are perfect for snacks, parties, and school events.

Add a special touch to your next fundraiser with this pretzel rod. Great for kids and adults, these pretzels are sure to go fast.




1+ case: $0.35 per rod – 35% PROFIT
20+ cases: $0.40 per rod – 40% PROFIT

1 FREE case for every 20 ordered!


Minimum order: 1 case
Packaging: 1 case contains 240 rods (4 individual carriers of 60 rods)
Weight/Size: 0.75 oz (22g)
Flavors: 15 salted caramel, 15 chocolate bits, 15 crunchy toffee, 15 rainbow sprinkle

Overall rating:

5/5 (based on clients reviews)



3 to 7 business days


FREE SHIPPING (below temperatures of 76°F)

Shipping fees when 76°F and above:

1-9 cases = $10 per case
10-19 cases = $5 per case
20-59 cases = $20 flat shipping fee
60+ cases =  free shipping at all times

Why Choose Pretzel Rods For Your Next Fundraiser?

Pretzels have been used in fundraising for many years, and chocolate covered pretzel rods have recently become popular. Its introduction was disruptive! Many products attempt, but only a handful satisfy all the necessary attributes to break into this challenging and ever-changing industry: broad appeal, low retail value, high profitability, low minimums, and fast delivery.