Smelly Gellies Coloring Sticks


Smelly Gellies for Fundraising are scented writing gel crayons that are incredibly slick. The aroma is given off by the crayon core. Stimulate imagination and creativity with these colorful and fun Smelly Gellies. They work well as a crayon or highlighter.

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1+ case: $0.40 per pencil 40% PROFIT
3+ case: $0.42 per pencil 42% PROFIT

Minimum order: 1 case

Shipping fee: Free

Packaging: 1 case contains 300 crayons (6 buckets of 50 crayons)
Weight / Size: 25lbs per case
Flavors:  Bubble Gum, Blue Rasberry, Rainbow Sherbet, Pineapple, Tangerine

Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years

Delivery time (eta): 7-10 business days