Sour Licorice Cables


Try this unique product, licorice Cables® with a twist, and enjoy the delicious tastes. Each pack includes tasty licorice cables wrapped around creamy filling in two flavours: Sour Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. They are likely to be a product that provides delicious profits to any fundraising for only a $2 apiece.

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1+ case: $0.80 per bar 40% PROFIT
30+ cases: $0.90 per bar 45% PROFIT
60+ cases: $1.00 per bar 50% PROFIT

Minimum order: 1 case

Shipping fee: Free

Packaging: 35 Sour Strawberry Packages, 25 Blue Raspberry Packages
Weight / Size: 30g per bag
Flavors: Strawberry, Blue Rasberry

1 FREE case for every 20 ordered!

Delivery time (eta): 7-10 business days