X-Treme Sports Smencils


All smencils are made entirely of recycled newspapers. Each Xtreme Smencil is a No. 2 graphite pencil with a collectible character top cap, packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube! Saving trees…. once fundraising pencil at a time!

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1+ case: $0.41 per pencil 41% PROFIT
20+ cases: $0.42 per pencil 42% PROFIT

Minimum order: 1 case

Shipping fee: Free

Packaging: 1 case contains 500 pencils (10 buckets of 50 pencils)
Weight / Size: 25lbs per case
Flavors:  Strawberry, Bubble gum, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Kiwin-fruit, Cherry

Made from 100% recycled newspapers

HB #2 Pencils

Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years

Delivery time (eta): 7-10 business days