Sometimes you must save a buck to make a buck, and this has never been truer with discount card fundraising. With its large profit margin, it’s no wonder that this is fast becoming one of the more popular fundraisers.

This fundraiser is low-cost, high-profit! Not only is this fundraising drive quite simple to put together, but most people will find opportunities to uses the cards you sell. You’ll still have to put in some effort, but you’ll likely find that discount cards are quite profitable.

How much can I make?

This is a fantastic fundraiser for schools and churches, but it’s even better for groups who travel frequently, such as sports competition teams. This will not only help cover travel costs, but it will also help save money on the actual trip: hotel, restaurant, and so on. It’s also ideal for family members and friends who are accompanying them on their travels.

This fundraiser has the potential to generate a profit of up to 68% for your organization. Because the cards themselves have a low resale price, you may find that you receive a lot of sales from frugal customers trying to save even more money.

To increase your sales volume, spread the word by emailing potential customers and putting up flyers. Highlight discounts that your community would benefit from.

Supporters will be more interested in purchasing a card from you if they realize that they will save more money than the card costs them.

Keep a look out for hidden printing fees and minimum purchase requirements since these costs will add up quickly.

Also ask if shipping is free.

Pros and cons of discount card fundraising

Discount card fundraisers have their advantages and disadvantages, but in this situation, the advantages tend to exceed the disadvantages. Discount cards are inexpensive, and they offer significant savings on items offered by both local and national businesses, making them appealing to parents, families, and anybody wishing to save a few dollars.

It’s a wonderful fundraising product from a logistical standpoint. You don’t have to sort products or worry about shelf life or refrigeration like you would with other food items. Also, because cards are small and lightweight, they are easy to store and stage. Discount cards are also welcome at any time of year, especially during the holidays, and selling them is ideal for people of all ages. You don’t have to go door-to-door if you don’t want to.

Discount card fundraisers have just one significant disadvantage: if people don’t shop at the available merchants or if the retailers are too far away.

How does it work?


A discount card fundraising can be done in two ways:

1. You can order the cards ahead of time and sell them to your customers.

2. You may use a brochure/order taker to accept card orders and then order precisely what you need, distributing the cards to your supporters later.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but you should choose the solution that best suits your group. If you don’t have the funds to order the cards in advance, the second option is ideal.


Everyone enjoys saving money — it’s the one thing we all share. It’s even better when you can get a number of relevant discounts under one roof. So why not take advantage of it by holding a discount card fundraiser?

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