Why hold off doing on fundraising just because you lack the necessary money to get going? But… how does one fundraise with no money?

To organize a fundraiser with us, you don’t need to set up any kind of budget. We support you as you organize, set up, and promote your fundraising campaign. All you need to do is set aside some time, have a goal in mind, be motivated, and be prepared to invest in your cause. Simply put, there is nothing to pre-purchase and endless options on how to fundraise with no money! As a bonus, many schools, churches, and sports team noted a boost in participation with fundraising ideas that are risk-free.

Here are some risk-free ideas on how to fundraiser with no money upfront, no out-of-pocket money, none, zero!

Brochure fundraiser

A brochure fundraiser, also known as an order taker fundraiser or catalog fundraisers, involves approaching supporters while holding a brochure showcasing a variety of fundraising products. If someone chooses to contribute to your cause, you will note their order on the order taker after they choose an item. the order taker form is normally found at the back of the brochure. Your supporter needs to pay for the item right away. Every seller should return their order form to the fundraising chairman once the fundraising campaign is over so that he or she may tally up all the sales and place the final order with their fundraising company, such as Gogo-Fund, and prepare your fundraising order for delivery. The turnaround time for delivery will vary depending on the brochure program chosen.

There are many different brochure fundraiser programs available, but cookie dough and Katydids stand out owing to their wide appeal, affordable price, and high profit margins. However, Dan’s Truffle Balls may be for you if you’re looking for different chocolate fundraising ideas that are a little more unique and offering exclusive flavors but still a no-money-down way to raise money.  Zollipops lollipops and Virginia Diner nuts should be a potential fundraising idea for your non-profit organization if health is at the forefront of your fundraising mission.  A discount card order taker fundraiser, like our Restaurant.com gift card option, on the other hand, might be a fundraising idea that can help your school or organization achieve its goals if you’re seeking for a good value proposition for your fundraising supporters.

Google Grants

Even while this isn’t a fundraising idea per, if your non-profit organization invests in Google Ads, you should consider Google Grants because it can help you save a lot of money and allow you to reallocate those funds. Google Grants is an excellent online strategy that increases website and campaign visitors. Google gives nonprofit organizations up to $10,000 per month to advertise their website on the search engine results page for target keywords.

When you looked for different terms on Google, you may have noticed the advertisements on the search results pages. This excellent example of one of these advertisements is found with Gogo-Fund and the fundraising keywords “Katydids Candy Fundraiser”:

Your business reaches a larger audience when it is placed top in search engine results. Increased brand recognition and more people visiting your website as a result.

50/50 raffle

Amongst the list of popular church fundraising ideas, 50/50 raffle is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to collect money, and it’s also incredibly popular. You’ll need raffle tickets for your group (buy them at a crafts or party store). Tickets can be sold for $1 to $5. The pot is split equally between the winner and you. Large events with plenty of attendees are where these giveaways perform best. This is a quick an easy fundraising idea. (More about raffle fundraisers and the law.)

As of 2010, each state has its own regulations regarding raffles in the United States. Raffle fundraisers are permitted in certain places but are forbidden in others because they are considered to be a kind of gambling. (Visit RaffleFAQ.com for a list of each state’s raffle regulations.)

Additionally, certain American cities and even counties demand a unique application for a charity raffle. Make sure you ascertain the prerequisites for holding a raffle fundraiser well in advance and to submit any applications on time. In fact, it’s essential to seek legal counsel before beginning any form of raffle because the laws can be rather complex.

School Yard sale

We frequently see perfectly good objects thrown away or hidden in the back of a closet where they gather dust. Make use of these items as a means of raising money for your non-profit charity. Emailing parents or mailing a note home with the kids are two ways to ask them for contributions of second-hand household items, toys, small appliances, and other goods in or around the house. Decide on a time to welcome the people of your community to buy these products from your yard sale fundraising event. Your supporters will benefit significantly from this, saving money while doing so, and some fantastic daily items will finally get the life they deserve.

This fundraising idea is simple to customize to your mission and theme whether you a running an animal shelter, a daycare center, a dance school or cheer squad, and it’s a great way to fundraise with no money spent upfront.

Shoe Drive fundraiser

This is a fantastic idea for a school fundraiser, but it also works well for larger nonprofit groups. Organize a zero-cost shoe drive fundraiser where you’ll be collecting shoes. These can be contributed by you from your personal closet, your friends, family, community members, and supporters. Ensure that the shoes qualify and are accepted by the recycling company, and you get paid for the shoes collected, it is important that the shoes are not damaged or worn out. Normally, the used pairs of shoes that qualify and get accepted by the recycling company are paid for by the pound. The average minimum weight requirement is 2,500 pounds. This green fundraiser idea will also help some less fortune families as the shoes that are collected through shoe drive fundraisers are shipped to developing nations like Africa, South America, and Central America. These are then resold by micro entrepreneurs to support their families. Besides this, it also provides people living in developing nations with avenues to purchase affordable footwear—fulfilling the shoe needs of those who can’t afford to buy expensive and new shoes.

Donate a dollar fundraiser

School classes, clubs, PTA, and even school-wide have found Donate a Dollar campaigns to be quite successful; they have a sizable supporter base that is invested in their success. You only need to write a letter outlining the objective of your fundraiser, how it will positively contribute to the school or its students. Requesting a dollar (or two) donation for your cause is quick, easy, and profitable.  These are well-liked because many parents will be content with the simplicity of the inexpensive $1 donation and there is no need to spend on costly products for the group organizing the fundraiser.


Christmas Gift wrapping fundraiser

—- The heart of the Christmas season, December, sees around 30% of annual donations —–

Organize a gift-wrapping fundraiser where participants bring their gifts and you carefully wrap them in exchange for a little donation. Gather a small group of volunteers and set up shop in a prominent place, such as a nearby church or community center, YMCA, or your neighborhood school.

Asking volunteers to bring their own wrapping paper will help you keep expenses down, but make sure you also keep a supply on hand in addition to your scissors, tape, bows, and other gift-wrapping supplies. Instead of voluntary donation, y ou can propose a fixed cost per box of $1 for a small box, $2 for a medium box, and $3 for a big box. You can also bundle packages when someone comes with several gifts to wrap. You can also offer Christmas stockings for a low price. You can even sell goodies like candy canes and chocolates as stocking stuffers. 

Regardless of the type of fundraiser or fundraising idea you undertake, keep these best practices in mind to position yourself for success:

  • Remember that fundraising is a team activity, so enlist the help of a few other staff members and/or volunteers. Do this as soon as you can, ideally before you choose the type of fundraising you want to put on. The group will be able to brainstorm with you.
  • Develop a fundraising approach that is simple, consistent, and won’t wear you out is one of the best things you can do. Keep things simple instead of creating complicated campaigns that will stress out everyone involved.
  • Know your audience: find the fundraising idea that will connect with your supporters’ values, interests, and lifestyles.
  • Clearly state your fundraiser’s objective: Prospective donors will be far more likely to help your cause if you set a specific goal (like raising $5,000). Additionally, a deadline will create a feeling of urgency and encourage contributors to support your cause immediately
  • Share the impact the contributions will have on your organization to motivate others to give. Describe your past successes as well as your spending plans for the additional funds once you attain your objective.

There are countless ways how to fundraise with no money.  If you haven’t found the fundraiser idea for your non-profit group form the list above, visit our Gogo-Fund page, contact us, or read our other blog posts for many more fundraising options and opportunities. 

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