Kathryn Beich is the creator of the well-known Katydids candy. These candies are renowned for their rich, decadent flavor and are frequently compared to caramelized pecan clusters coated in silky milk chocolate. Katydids candy fundraising is a popular choice for non-profit events, gifts, and special occasions. Over the years, they have been made available in a variety of formats, sizes, and shapes; however, as of 2024, they are only offered in tins, which have consistently been a customer favorite. For many, they are the ultimate snack because of the combination of chocolate, crunchy pecans, and creamy caramel.

Katydid candies are widely and wisely used in fundraising efforts due to their eye-catching golden tins, broad appeal, customer satisfaction, and lack of availability in retail establishments. Some noteworthy characteristics of Katydids candies in fundraising are as follows:

Product Appeal: Because of their delicious combination of premium pecans, sweet caramel, and smooth milk chocolate, Katydids are a favorite among fundraising organizations and the people who support them.

Fundraising Model: Katydid candies are a popular fundraising product used by clubs, schools, religious organizations, and other non-profit groups. Since there is usually a markup on the candies, the organization is able to profit up to 50% from each sale.

The eye-catching tins in which Katydid candies are usually sold enhance their marketability and appeal as gifts during fundraising campaigns.

Ease of Sales: Katydids are a tasty, premium treat that has been sold in American fundraisers since 1854. This makes them incredibly easy to sell and supports fundraising efforts. This chocolate is made in America, for Americans.

Collaboration with suppliers: Fundraising campaigns that use Katydids candies are frequently supplemented by alliances with fundraising organizations such as Gogo-Fund, which supply the candies in bulk pricing along with marketing flyers, brochures, order-takers, and sales tips to maximize fundraising sales.

All things considered, Katydids candies are a great option for fundraising organizations of all sizes and ought to be added to their annual fundraising schedule as a viable option.  

Planning a Katydids candy fundraiser in the summer can be a fun way to raise money and provide your organization with extra funds,  and offer your supporters a tasty treat. The following advice can help you make sure your fundraiser is a success:

Make a plan in advance

Establish a Goal: Calculate the amount of money you want to raise and the quantity of Katydid boxes you need to sell to reach your target.

Timetable: Decide when your fundraiser will begin and end. Don’t forget to allow ample time for planning, promotion, and delivery time.

2. Spread the Word:

Make flyers, posters, and social media posts to let people know about the fundraiser in your community. Provide information about the cause, the candy’s cost, and the best way for them to buy it.

Community Involvement: To help publicize the fundraiser, work with nearby companies, educational institutions, and community centers.

REMEMBER: Just like you, people always want to help; tell them “why” and “how”, and you will be surprised at how many people and local businesses will be happy to help you and your organization. Like they say: “Ask and you shall receive!”

3. Sales Approaches

Pre-Orders: Request pre-orders (brochures and order takers)  to determine demand and guarantee a few early sales.  This approach also guarantees that none of the money belonging to your organization or you will be invested. all gains, zero risk!

Door-to-Door Sales:

Door-to-Door Sales: Form a group and go door-to-door in your neighborhood. In addition to making sure kids are accompanied by adults, don’t forget to provide them with safety instructions. Lastly, make sure everyone has access to water to stay hydrated, especially given the summer’s heat.

Events, Kiosks, and Point of Sales: Set up kiosks at local events, farmers markets, and in front of well-known retailers. Make sure you have ice and a cooler ready so that your Katydids candy don’t melt.

4. Maximize Online Sales: To reach a larger audience, create an online store or use social media. Make sure you have a straightforward and safe payment method set up.

Tell Personal Stories: Share your motivations for raising money. Potential customers are more receptive to your personal stories and be inspired to support your cause.

5. Rewards & Incentives:

Rewards for Top Sellers: Provide incentives to your sales staff for reaching specific goals or for being top sellers.

Bundle Offers: Give customers who buy in bulk discounts or combine Katydids with other summertime gifts.

Draw: Make a draw available to your supporters or volunteers: For example: For every supporter who buys at least two tins from your fundraiser, you could also give them a chance to win a free case of Katydids.

6. Transportation and Distribution

Effective Distribution: Arrange how the candies will be distributed after they are delivered. Think about arranging for a central pick-up point or delivering them straight to customers.

Keep Cool: To keep the candies from melting, make sure to store them in a cool place, especially in the summer.

7. Express gratitude to your supporters and volunteers

Notes of gratitude: Thank each and every person who contributed to your fundraiser with a note or email. In addition to expressing gratitude, this fosters relationships for upcoming fundraising events.

Even in the summer, you can have a successful Katydids candy fundraiser by using these steps and utilizing both online and in-person sales methods.

Wishing you a great summer Katydids candy fundraiser!

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