School fundraising ideas

School fundraising ideas

School fundraisers help to cover some of the costs associated with extracurricular activities, field trips, sports, extracurricular learning materials, school supplies, and other costs not covered by the school budge.

The best school fundraisers incorporate educational and fun into their plans so that students, teachers, and other school employees will enjoy the fundraising effort. The best school fundraising ideas should promote the development of values and skills. In order to provide our children the best future, the best education, and the best school experience imaginable, we must give them everything we have to offer.

Several groups in schools organize fundraisers to raise money for the equipment and supplies they need to operate and perform. Because they want the best for their children, parents are happy to support a school fundraiser that supports a cause that directly impacts their child.

Many school fundraisers also try to improve, enhance, or better the neighborhood on a variety of fronts, including social, financial, and environmental ones.

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Raise money for your school with the easy fundraising options below.

Our fundraising ideas provide a fun opportunity for parents, children and teachers to take part at their own pace, whatever their situation or ability.

Katydids Candies

This 1952 Kathryn Beich original was created to raise money. Due to their larger size, and long history of high quality, Katydids candies are sold at a higher retail price range than chocolate bars.

These higher prices have made them much more profitable. With their extensive list of fundraising accomplishments, they have emerged as a school’s go-to fundraising option.

Last but not least, without requiring a deposit, Katydids candies can be offered to customers directly by the tin or case, as well as through an order taker, making them accessible to any organization financial situation.

School Supply

Combining the necessary with the practical! The parents can buy fun and useful products for their kids when choosing school supplies to raise money. You can scratch out a material from the parents' school supply list with this fundraising idea.

Cookie dough

Take a tub of cookie dough out of the fridge, spread it onto a baking sheet, and bake it for 20 minutes to make delicious cookies. With your children, relive a happy memory from your childhood. How much easier can it be to persuade your supporters?

This fundraising idea could give children a priceless educational experience and give parents a good value for their investment.


Chocolate, candies, or popcorn.

Food and snacks fundraising has long been a preferred method among organizers due to its simplicity. Also, it could be an incredibly profitable option because people of all ages enjoy snacks like popcorn, candy, and chocolate. The fact that snacks like popcorn, chocolate, and candy appeal to both adults and children is a great feature that makes them incredibly profitable. Finally, because of their carrier case, they can be marketed through a variety of channels, including office sales, events, door-to-door, etc.

When you decide to hold a school fundraising event, there are many factors to consider

Set clear and realistic goals:

Determine how much money you need to raise and set a clear plan of action to achieve those goals. Consider products that have a high profit margin to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Choose profitable products:

Consider products that are known to be successful in school fundraisers, such as katydids candy, cookie dough, snacks, or smencils. These products typically have a high profit margin and are easy to sell.

Involve students, parents, and faculty:

Encourage participation from everyone in the school community, including students, parents, and faculty. This not only helps with planning and execution but also generates more excitement and support for the fundraiser.

Promote the fundraiser:

Use various channels to promote the fundraiser such as social media, school newsletters, and flyers. Make sure to include information about the products you’re selling, how they benefit the school, and how to purchase them.

Provide incentives:

Offering incentives to students or classes who sell the most products can motivate them to participate and increase sales. Consider things like pizza parties, movie nights, or other rewards.

Track progress and show appreciation:

Keep track of sales and show appreciation for students, parents, and faculty who participate. This can be done through recognition in school newsletters, social media shout-outs, or thank you cards.

Remember, the success of your school fundraiser depends on the support of the entire school community. By choosing profitable products, involving everyone, and promoting the fundraiser, you can maximize profits and achieve your fundraising goals.