If you or your organisation must raise funds, there is no such thing as bad timing; there are just better suited possibilities for successful fundraising. There are two major challenges to fundraising during the warmer months, but there are also benefits. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what characterises good summer fundraising ideas and how to find them.


1. Shipping costs

  • Food items that have the potential to melt need special handling to preserve their integrity.
  • As a result, a large number need refrigeration, which can be provided by dry ice or a refrigerated truck.
  • If you include the additional cost of the refrigeration in your invoice, it will negatively affect your profit margin.

2. Supporters

  • It could be difficult to get volunteers to start a campaign when schools are closed in the summer.
  • An increase in the quantity of supporters and volunteers taking vacations out of town.


1. Less competition

  • Fundraising during the summer is open to all options without worrying about competing with another fundraising event, unlike school fundraisers where you occasionally need to follow a calendar or watch the product sold to avoid overlapping with another event.

2. Less stressful

  • Since this is the summer, it is possible to organize the event without the chaos of the school calendar and schedule.

3. Outdoor events

  • With the nice weather, it’s simple to plan an outdoor event where you can maximize the benefits of the sun and increase the amount of money you raise with products. such as car wash plus snacks.

What steps can be taken to overcome the two above – mentioned obstacles and plan a summertime fundraiser that is successful?

1. Shipping costs

  • Look for items that are shipped for free all year long. There are a ton of options, as you will see below in this article.

2. Supporters

  • It’s never been simpler to organize a fundraiser with social media and emails. You can send your volunteers an email or make a closed Facebook group.

3. Locations

These products are a great option for a summer fundraiser because they offer free shipping all year long, including the summer. If your fundraising group is larger, keep an eye out for products that provide free cases (there are plenty of them). If you meet the minimum quantity requirements, these can easily increase your profits by 5% to 10%.


  1. Signature $1 variety packs + 1 free case for every 20
  2. $2 Chocolate covered Almonds + 1 free case for every 20
  3. $2 variety pack + 1 free case for every 20
  4. $2 Ultimate collection + 1 free case for every 20
  5. Gigglejigs + 1 free case for every 20
  6. FUNtastic + 1 free case for every 20 (Hybrid chocolate & Candies)


  1. Super Sour Candies + 1 free case for every 20
  2. Cables + 1 free case for every 20
  3. Gummies Bears + 1 free case for every 20
  4. Cotton candies


  1. $1 lollipops
  2. $2 lollipops + 1 free case for every 20

School Supplies

  1. Smencils
  2. Smelly Gellies
  3. Mechanicals
  4. Smens
  5. Scented Keychains


  1. $2 popcorns + 1 free case for every 20
  2. Healthy FAVAlicious
  3. Virginia Nuts
  4. Cookie dough

Discount Cards

  1. Retaurant.com gift cards – ecards

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