Spring and Summer Fundraising Ideas


When it comes to events, the possibilities are endless. Dances, golf tournaments, car washes, are just a few examples. Here are 6 spring events that are easy to organize and, when executed well, highly successful:

1. A 5-kilometer race.

Organize a race and make the registration fee a donation. Your competitive side will spring to life as a result of this idea. Feel good and help!

2. Clean-up for Earth Day.

On Earth Day, April 22nd, gather people to help you clean up your neighborhood. Hold a raffle with the items found and award a prize for the most unexpected item discovered. Doing good for our planet while also raising funds!

3. Easter eggs Hunt.

This is a great family-friendly option with an entry fee and additional fundraising opportunities on the day of the event, juice sales, games, etc

4. Spring cleaning.

Clean out your closets and pantries this spring and organize a yard sale or donate to charitable causes. What was once old can now be new to someone else!

5. Plant Sale.

See if a local horticulturist would be willing to donate plants or a percentage of the proceeds. Plants are good for the environment and are a great way to raise money.

6. Gardening Class.

Invite a local gardening expert to teach a class for your group! The cost of admission to the class may be used to benefit your non-profit. Educational and profitable!


Better save for the warmer season product that do not melt, thus does encounter additional shipping charges. Here are a few of the most popular products:

1. Cotton Candy.

Creamy cotton candy dessert shots will remind you exactly of your favorite state fair food! Perfect for a spring fundraiser– easy and delicious.

2. Spring Smencils.

Comes in five distinct spring scents: cotton candy, bubble gum, jelly bean, sour apple, and tutti frutti. Not only do spring smencils make a great fundraiser but they are also environmentally friendly with each pen made of recycled newspaper.

3. Nuts.

While it’s impossible to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays at all times, nuts can help boost your defenses. Nuts, whether almonds, cashews, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds, have the ability to improve your skin, control your weight, and satisfy those nagging hunger pangs, making them an excellent spring fundraising idea.

4. Discount gift cards.

Discount cards, like Restaurant.com or Diner & Movie discount gift cards are excellent year-round fundraisers. However, if you run several fundraising events throughout the year, you might want to save the discount cards for the spring/summer because they don’t need to be refrigerated like some chocolate fundraisers or other food programs.

5. Fruit snack candies.

While Welch’Fruit Snacks are still candies, they are made with real fruits and contain vitamins A, C, and E, which work in tandem with the sun’s natural vitamin.

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