Pretzel Rods for Fundraising

The Origin Of Pretzel Rods

It’s possible you’ve heard that the pretzel has a German origin. The reality is, to put it mildly, complex! It has unmistakably established its twisted roots in Germany. However, the oldest and most frequently accepted tale of the origin of early pretzels is from 610 A.D., at the start of the Middle Ages. It includes a monk, and it isn’t the first-time monks have been involved in these tangled roots!

Soft small pretzels, called “pretiola” or little prizes, are supposed to have been devised by an Italian monk instructing children in Northern Italy to reward schoolchildren for memorising their prayers. He is supposed to have created the snacks with miniature arms creating the ‘knot,’ to mimic youngsters praying with their arms crossed.

Other claims that the origin is a monastery in Southern France. Bakers held captive in Germany created the “brezel” for their captors out of desperation. In any event, the pretzel has a long history in Southern Germany, which is often regarded with being the birthplace of soft pretzels.

Pretzel Rods Profits in fundraising

The Journey Continues To America

Swiss German immigrants introduced German baking skills to people in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, in the second half of the 18th century. These newcomers became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, and their freshly baked pretzels immediately became famous.

Pretzel Rods In Fundraising

Pretzels have been used in fundraising for many years, and chocolate covered pretzel rods have recently become popular. Its introduction was disruptive! Many products attempt, but only a handful satisfy all the necessary attributes to break into this challenging and ever-changing industry: broad appeal, low retail value, high profitability, low minimums, and fast delivery.

Broad Appeal

The sweet and salty mix has captured the hearts of fundraisers and contributors alike and appeals to practically everyone. They’re simple to sell, and contributors frequently return for more purchases.

The simple act of displaying the product, like most chocolate, attracts purchasers.

Low Retail Value

For the past 30 years, the $1 price point has been popular. Fundraisers and volunteers have long appreciated the ease of a single bill payment without having to worry about change. The lower price point makes sales simple and accessible to anyone.

High Profitability

With the rising cost of raw materials and ingredients, it’s getting more difficult for $1 items to provide more than 40% profit. If a fundraising group orders a large enough quantity of chocolate covered pretzel rods, they could earn 50% profit on fundraising event.

Low Minimums

Unlike some of its counterparts, the chocolate covered pretzel rods may be purchased in single cases. This makes it simple for smaller organisations to begin fundraising and enables for quick reorders if a product sells out sooner than projected.

Fast Delivery

Many products might take up to 30 days to arrive, while some are only available during specific times of the year. Due to its availability in multiple warehouses around the country, chocolate pretzel rods are often delivered within 7 days of an order. They also ship all year, even during the summer.

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