The purpose of fundraising should be to improve and make more accessible your existing program. Any money spent on behalf of your organization should be considered a fundraising opportunity.

Fundraising should not be regarded as a necessary evil, but rather as a means of assisting in the development of your athletes and allowing more children to participate in your program.

Following is a list of the top 5 reasons coaches are motivated to raise money from their community, as determined by a survey of coaches:

1. To reduce or eliminate registration costs
2. To upgrade their equipment or buy new one
3. To eliminate or to amortize travel related fees
4. To eliminate or to amortize competition fees
5. To organize developmental programs to improve the knowledge and skills of their athletes (seminars, conferences, literatures, etc.)

Not only can fundraising assist in providing a better and more affordable program for the children in your community, but coaches have found that it is also a terrific way to boost team spirit and enhance team awareness, resulting in more subscriptions.

Any coach who isn’t maximizing their fundraising potential is losing out!

In the end fundraisers help coaches and athletes work together to create the best educational program for their players.

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