Fundraising is a great way for small groups to raise money for a cause or project they are passionate about. However, it can be challenging to come up with creative and effective fundraising ideas that are suitable for small groups. In this article, we will explore the reasons and benefits of fundraising for small groups, and some of the best fundraiser ideas for small groups that are low-cost, easy to organize, and can generate significant results. Don’t miss out on our “tip” at the bottom of this article.

Reasons and Benefits of fundraising for small groups

Fundraising can be an essential activity for small groups, such as non-profit organizations, community groups, and grassroots movements, to sustain and expand their operations. Here are some reasons and benefits of fundraising for small groups:


1. Financial support:

Fundraising helps small groups to raise the necessary funds to support their activities and programs. These groups often rely on donations and grants to cover their expenses and carry out their missions.

2. Increased awareness:

Fundraising campaigns can raise awareness about the small group’s cause, mission, and values. This can help attract more supporters and donors who share their vision.

3. Building community:

Fundraising can bring people together to support a common cause, creating a sense of community and shared purpose. It can also help small groups build partnerships with other organizations, individuals, and businesses in the community.

4. Capacity building:

Successful fundraising efforts can help small groups build their capacity and expand their operations. They can use the funds to hire staff, purchase equipment, rent or purchase a space, or develop new programs.

5. Diversify funding sources:

Fundraising helps small groups diversify their funding sources, reducing their reliance on a single source of funding. This can provide financial stability and sustainability in the long run.

6. Positive impact:

Small groups can use the funds raised through fundraising to create a positive impact in their community. This can improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.

Best fundraising products (ideas)

The best fundraising products for smaller groups are easy to sell and can be launch with little to no-money upfront.  From my experience, there are six types of fundraisers that successfully meet both these criteria.

Brochures (order-taker)

Why: This “start now, pay later” approach requires no upfront money.  Get order takers and brochures, and then solicit orders and donations from supporters. Put your order only after you have collected the sales and funds from the campaign.

Inquire about order minimums. Find out if orders may be placed for a single item or if you have to order in full cases. You might need to add items to your purchase if you must order certain products by the case. After delivery, these surplus items could be sold to supporters.

Most popular order-taker fundraisers: Katydids candies and Cookie dough

Discount cards

Why: Supporters of this program will find great value in it. Users of these cards will save more than they donated when purchasing the cards from you. There are many local offerings in addition to national businesses and restaurant locations. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote and support local business while raising money for your organization.

Another noteworthy feature of this fundraiser and reason organizations choose this fundraiser is the option to run the program by either using the physical cards, or the online codes that may be sent to your supporters via email, or through an order taker.

Sports groups can also save money on travel and competition costs by using discount cards. This makes it an excellent perk for parents to participate in your fundraiser.

They are also frequently used as “Thank You” gifts for a non-profit organization’s largest contributors or as an incentive to raise the average donation.

Most popular discount card: $100 gift cards


Why: Kids absolutely love Smencils, which are scented pencils with a collector cap. Educators and parents appreciate that they are manufactured from recycled newspaper as it makes them an environmentally friendly fundraising product. The fact that they are No. 2 graphite pencils, which are the school industry standard, is another reason why people adore these pencils for fundraisers.

They provide a range of themed pencils in addition to their best-selling, original pencils, which makes them a terrific fundraising idea at certain times of the year: Spring themed smencils, and their very popular Valentine’s day smencils.

Chocolate bars

Why: Many small groups choose to use chocolate bars as their fundraiser because of how easy and simple it is to make sales.  It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t occasionally appreciate a chocolate bar.

Low minimum order requirements and the large variety of options—$1 bars, $2 bars, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, crisps, mint, almonds, and the list goes on—are two additional and perfectly good reasons to choose chocolate bars. Also, fundraising groups have the option of straight packs, which contain just one flavor, or variety packs.

$2 Popcorn bags

Why: Similar to chocolate, popcorn is liked by almost everyone, which makes it very simple to sell.

Popcorn can be added to most fundraising activities, such as car washes, quiz nights, book sales, etc., to help raise more money and make the event more enjoyable.


Why: This lollipop should be on your list if you work with small children, plan numerous fundraisers annually, or raise money continuously. What’s not to love? They are sugar-free, nut-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, natural, diabetic friendly, keto, and kosher!  

Whether you operate a child care center or have concession stand, Zollipops should be available to introduce parents and children to a healthier alternative to the typical lollipop while also raising money for your cause.

Overall, fundraising is a critical activity for small groups to achieve their goals, build their capacity, and create a positive impact in their communities. There are many effective fundraising ideas for small groups that are low-cost and easy to organize. Whether you choose to sell a product or host an event, these ideas can help you raise money for your group while having fun and building community support. Be sure to choose the idea that best suits your group’s interests and goals, and don’t forget to promote your event well in advance to attract a larger crowd.


Finding the ideal places to sell your fundraiser products could mean the difference between reaching and exceeding your financial target. This is another fantastic strategy to increase sales.

Best fundraising locations – Gogo Fund (

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