Fundraising is an important part of many organizations, schools, and non-profits. It is an essential aspect of generating revenue to support the organization’s mission and initiatives. Fundraising events can also serve as a platform to raise awareness about important causes and issues.

While there are many easy fundraising ideas out there, some can be complex, expensive, or time-consuming. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and implement fundraising ideas that are easy, simple, and require minimal investment. Here are some easy fundraising ideas that can help organizations raise funds quickly and efficiently.

Order Taker Campaign:

An idea for raising money that doesn’t require any cash up front is an order-taker campaign, commonly referred to as a brochure fundraiser. Order your brochures and order takers, collect orders, and collect money; make your order only after your campaign is over and all of the money has been collected. Many popular choices are offered to non-profit groups: Katydids, cookie dough, or even lollipops.

Chocolate fundraiser:

A constant winner, chocolates are a universal favorite, so selling them is as simple as it gets. The only thing you have to choose is the box you believe will sell the most: Almonds, chocolate-covered pretzel rods, $1 and $2 bars, and many more options are available. The $2 Scripture bars are available if your organization is a church.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns are an easy way to raise funds for a specific cause or project. Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo allow individuals and organizations to create a campaign and share it with their network of friends, family, and supporters. Donors can contribute any amount they want, and campaigns can be shared on social media, email, and other communication channels. These platforms usually charge a small fee for the service, but it is an easy and efficient way to raise funds quickly.

Host a Virtual Event:

With the advent of virtual technologies, it is now possible to host virtual events such as online auctions, raffles, and trivia nights. Virtual events allow individuals from different locations to participate and contribute to a cause without having to attend an in-person event. Hosting a virtual event can be an easy and efficient way to raise funds while providing an engaging and fun experience for supporters.

Online Sales:

Online sales are an easy way to raise funds while offering supporters a valuable product or service. Organizations can sell merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, or other branded items, or offer digital products such as e-books, courses, or music downloads. Online sales can be promoted through social media, email, and other communication channels, and the revenue generated can be used to support the organization’s mission and initiatives.

Sponsorship Campaigns:

Sponsorship campaigns allow organizations to partner with businesses or individuals who share their mission and values. These partnerships can provide financial support, product donations, or other resources that can help organizations achieve their goals. Sponsorship campaigns can be promoted through social media, email, and other communication channels, and organizations can offer various levels of sponsorship that cater to different budgets and interests.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising:

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows supporters to fundraise on behalf of an organization. Supporters can create their own fundraising page, set a fundraising goal, and share the page with their network of friends and family. Supporters can fundraise in various ways, such as hosting a bake sale, running a marathon, or doing a social media challenge. Peer-to-peer fundraising can be an easy and efficient way to raise funds while engaging supporters and expanding the organization’s network.

Matching Gifts:

Matching gifts are an easy way to double the impact of donations. Many companies offer matching gift programs that match their employees’ donations to nonprofits. Organizations can encourage their donors to check if their employer offers a matching gift program and provide them with the necessary information to submit their donations for matching. This can help organizations raise more funds without requiring additional effort or investment.

Donation Boxes:

Donation boxes are a simple and effective way to collect donations in physical locations such as stores, restaurants, or schools. Organizations can place donation boxes in high-traffic areas, and the collected funds can be used to support the organization’s mission and initiatives. Donation boxes can be designed to match the organization’s branding and message, and they can be easily placed and maintained by volunteers or staff.

Recurring Donations:

Recurring donations are an easy way to generate ongoing support for an organization. Supporters can set up a recurring donation that automatically deducts a specific amount from their bank account or credit card each month

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little creativity and effort, you can raise funds for your cause and make a difference in your community. Consider which ideas would work best for your organization, and get started today!

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