There are countless possibilities and fundraising ideas and opportunities available to raise money. You can think about holding an event, holding an auction, or selling items to raise money. The fundraising event may take place online or in person. If you have decided to start a fundraiser with fundraising products, you have a lot of options to pick from, ranging from $1 items to $20+ ideas. There are strategies to raise the value of the goods you sell with minimal investment when your organization’s budget is tight. It will need dedication, hard work, and creativity This is one of those fundraising ideas that involves upscaling a low-cost fundraiser to a product that can be sold for significantly more than the initial investment—lollipops. These 5 creative lollipop fundraiser ideas will transform a standard product into one that will bring in a lot more money.


Whether you’re making a lollipop bouquet for a fundraiser, a present, a holiday, a special occasion or just a bright centrepiece for your home, it can be an enjoyable and creative activity. Here’s a quick tutorial on creating a lollipop bouquet:

Supplies Required: 

Lollipops: Select a range of colors, tastes, and sizes to produce visual excitement. Tessa’s Kitchen Lollipops are a great place to start because they are round and available in a range of colours, making them a perfect option for customisation. A few Crazy Straw lollipops may add visual interest.

  • Sturdy Stick or Skewer: Straws, cake pop sticks, or wooden skewers can all be used.
  • colourful Accents: To add flair, use ribbons, tissue paper, cellophane, or colourful wrappers.
  • A basket, pot, or vase can be used as a container for your bouquet.
  • Styrofoam or floral foam can be used to secure the lollipops inside the container.


1. Get the container ready:

Make sure the floral foam or polystyrene is firmly inserted into the container. It might need to be cut to fit.

You can also use ornamental items like coloured sand, beads, or even candy inside the container if you’re not using foam.

2. Arrange the Bouquet: To begin, tuck the lollipops into the ornamental fillers or foam within the vase.

To create an eye-catching arrangement, arrange them at various heights and angles.

You can mix colours to make a rainbow effect or put similar colours together.

Allow sufficient space between lollipops to ensure that each one stands out.

3. Add Decorative Elements: 

To add more flair, wrap ribbons around the sticks.

To give the container a polished appearance, wrap it in cellophane and tie a bow around it.

If desired, add little ornamentation like personalised tags, butterflies, or imitation flowers.

4. Final Touches: Verify that each lollipops is firmly in place when you’re happy with the arrangement.

To make a balanced bouquet, reposition any lollipops or other ornaments as necessary.


When selecting the colours and flavours of lollipops, take the occasion into account. Vibrant vibrant would be ideal for a birthday celebration, but pastel colours could be ideal for a baby shower.

If you’re preparing the bouquet ahead of time, keep it somewhere dry and cool to avoid the lollipops melting or getting sticky.

By including extra tasty treats like candy bars, marshmallows, or biscuits on sticks, you can further personalise the bouquet, and increase its value, when fundraising.

Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to express your personality!

Create your lollipop bouquet with enthusiasm!


People of all ages can take pleasure in the entertaining and engaging Lollipop Guessing Game at events, parties, or even in the classroom. Here’s how to set up and participate in the game:

Supplies Required:

  • An assortment of lollipops with varying tastes or tones.
  • Jar, bowl, or box to contain the lollipops is the container.
  • and Pen: To record the guesses made by the participants.
  • Rewards: Fun and optional incentives for the winners.


1. Get the lollipops ready:

Keep records of how many lollipops you have in total by counting them.

Make sure the lollipops are completely hidden from view when you place them inside the container.

2. Prepare the Guessing Booth: Put the lollipops container in a visible spot where participants can quickly find it.

Give participants pens and slips of paper so they can record their guesses.

3. Guessing: Ask participants to estimate how many lollipops are inside the container.

On a piece of paper, they can write their guess and their name, then fold it.

Make sure they don’t open the container or take a peek inside.

4. Gather Guesses: Assign someone to gather and shield the guesses-containing slips of paper until the game’s ending.

5. Declare the Awarded Winner:

Declare that the guessing period has ended after each person has had a chance to make their guesstimate.

To find the right answer, count the lollipops that are inside the container.

Check the guesses against the real quantity of lollipops.

The winner is the participant whose estimate comes the closest to the real number without exceeding it.

6. Present Awards: Present awards to the winner or winners. Some possible prizes are extra lollipops, tiny toys like scented key chains, or other assorted candies, or even some Katydids candy, or tubs of cookie dough!

Suggestion: To keep the fun going, think about playing the game several times with different lollipops containers.

You can use different sized containers or combine the lollipops with other small items to create an additional challenge.

At your event, the Lollipop Guessing Game is sure to be a hit, encouraging friendly competition and possibly raising you tons of money!


Making personalized lollipop toppings is a tasty and enjoyable way to give your treats a unique touch. This is a guide to assist you in creating your own custom lollipops:

Supplies Required:

  • Lollipops: Use your preferred color or flavor as the foundation for your personalized toppings.
  • Components of the Toppings: Use a variety of ingredients, like chocolate, almonds, sprinkles, dried fruit, coconut flakes, crushed cookies, or edible glitter, to create creative effects.
  • Candy coating or melted chocolate can be used to stick toppings to lollipops.
  • To hold the toppings while decorating, use small bowls or plates.
  • Wax paper can be used to store the finished lollipops while they dry.
  • Sticks for lollipops: If you’re creating your own homemade lollipops from scratch.


1. Prepare Your Toppings: Dice, liquify, or otherwise prepare your selected toppings into bite-sized pieces. For ease of access, arrange them in different bowls or plates.

2. Melt the Chocolate or Candy Coating: Follow the directions on the package to melt any chocolate or candy coating you’re using to stick the toppings on. A microwave or double boiler can be used for this.

3. Dip the lollipops: Make sure the whole surface of the lollipops is covered by dipping them into the melted chocolate or candy coating. To coat it evenly, you might need to rotate the lollipops.

Let the extra chocolate fall off.

4. Add Toppers: Press or sprinkle your preferred toppings onto the lollipop while the chocolate coating is still wet. Use your imagination to create unique combinations and designs!

Sprinkle the toppings over the lollipops while holding them over a bowl, or roll them in the toppings that have been arranged on a dish.

5. Set the Lollipops: To allow the decorated lollipops to set, place them on a baking sheet or dish coated with parchment paper. To avoid sticking, make sure they’re not in contact with one another.

When creating homemade lollipops, make sure the sticks are inserted into the liquid before the coating fully solidifies.

6. Let Harden: Let the lollipops rest at room temperature until the toppings are set in place and the chocolate coating hardens.

If you want to set them faster, you can also put them in the refrigerator. However, if you use edible glitter or sprinkles as toppers, you should be aware of condensation.

7. Savour Your Custom Lollipops: The lollipops are now ready for eating after they have completely set. Serve them as unique treats for friends and family or at parties and occasions, or sell them to raise money.


Try a variety of topping combinations to get unexpected yet interesting tastes and textures.

If the lollipops are topped with perishables, such as fresh fruit, eat them right away or keep them refrigerated.

Use your imagination while creating packaging! For a festive touch, you can either tie colourful ribbons around each lollipops or wrap them in cellophane. These step-by-step directions will help you let your imagination run wild and create mouthwatering personalised lollipops that will wow everyone!


A great way to increase engagement and motivation among your sales team is to host a lollipops sales competition. This is a detailed how-to manual for organizing and managing a lucrative lollipops sales competition:


1. Set Clear goals: Choose the proper scope you hope to accomplish with the sales competition. For instance, who can sell them most,  raising team spirit, or boosting overall sales.

2. Select Metrics: Choose which key performance indicators (KPIs) will be established to evaluate the project’s success. This can be the amount of money made from sales overall, the quantity of lollipops sold, or the percentage of sales that increased over the prior fundraiser.

3. Set Objectives & Priorities: Give members and volunteers attainable sales goals to work toward. These goals ought to be difficult but doable during the competition.

4. Choose Rewarding Prizes: Pick appealing awards to inspire your volunteer force. Cash bonuses, gift cards, and even non-cash awards like trophies or recognition could be given out as prizes.

5. Establish the Length of the Competition:

Determine the duration of the sales competition. You can make it a week-long sprint, a month-long challenge, or any other duration that works for your goals and the dynamics of your team.


1. Clarify the Competition Details: Make sure that every volunteer is aware of the goals, guidelines, measurements, and rewards associated with the sales competition. Make sure everyone is aware of the objectives and the ways in which they can succeed.

2. Give Give Your Team the Resources and Tools They Need to Succeed: Give your sales team (volunteers) the resources and tools they need to succeed, like sample lollipops, sales oral presentation, and promotional materials.

3. Monitor Progress: Throughout the event, put in place a system to monitor volunteers’ sales numbers.  An Excel spreadsheets or a sales tracking software could be used.

4. Support & Feedback: In order to help participants stay motivated and overcome any obstacles they may face, it is important to provide them with continuous feedback and support in real-time. Praise individual and team successes throughout the competition.

5. Maintain the Momentum: Throughout the competition, maintain the excitement by highlighting top performers, offering frequent updates on progress, and promoting friendly competition amongst volunteers.


1. Analyze Results:

At the end of the contest period, evaluate the sales performance of each participant against the predefined metrics and targets.

2. Determine Winners:

Identify the winners based on their achievement of sales targets or other criteria specified in the contest rules.

3. Award Prizes:

Recognize and reward the winners with their prizes. Consider hosting a celebratory event or ceremony to honor their achievements and build team spirit.

4. Gather Feedback:

Solicit feedback from participants to understand what worked well and areas for improvement in future sales contests.

5. Plan for Future Contests:

Use the insights gained from the contest to inform the planning of future sales contests, making adjustments as necessary to optimize effectiveness and engagement.


  • Make the contest fun and engaging by incorporating themes, challenges, or team-based activities.
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants to foster a supportive team environment.
  • Consider offering additional incentives or bonuses for exceeding stretch goals or achieving specific milestones.
  • Keep communication channels open throughout the contest period to address any questions or concerns from participants.

By following these steps and tips, you can create a lollipop sales contest that energizes your team, drives results, and ultimately contributes to the success of your business.


Organizing a lollipops art show is a fun and different form of expressing creativity and incorporate the cutesy appeal of lollipops. This is a detailed how-to manual for setting up and running a lollipop art show:

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