The majority of nonprofit organizations postpone their fundraising efforts from Thanksgiving to the New Year, with few events in between. Fundraising Ideas Christmas? Really? Yes! Yes! Yes, also!

It is a period when the community is feeling more charitable, first and foremost. In light of this, don’t take advantage of their generosity; instead, help your supporters so they can support you. The ideal Christmas fundraising ideas can help you not only generate the money you dearly need, but can also benefit your community by promoting products, services, or activities that make people’s lives easier or make them feel more festive.

Lets begin at the beginning…

A successful Christmas fundraising idea has the following components:

  1. Pick a product that is pertinent, has a theme, or provide a service that will make the lives of your supporters easier. If you choose wisely, your supporters won’t be spending any more money than they normally would; instead, they’ll be contributing to your cause rather than paying someone else.

  2. If you decide to raise money by selling a fundraising product and want to increase your revenue beyond the typical friends and family, you should read one of our earlier posts on the best fundraising locations. The locations listed may play a crucial role in turning your ordinary Christmas fundraising event into a highly successful one.: Best fundraising locations – Gogo Fund (

  3. If you need to raise money but don’t have much time, think about planning a “60 minute only” fundraising event. As the name suggests, this fundraising event will last just last 60 minutes but still bring in a lot of money: How to raise a lot of money in less than 1 hour for your next fundraiser – Gogo Fund (


For your organization, there are many ways to raise money. No matter what time of the year it is, decide if you want to sell a product or offer a service. Keep an eye out for relevant themes that can appeal to your supporters and inspire them to donate to your cause.

Themed Fundraising products:

  1. Holiday Smencils: they are practical, themed, and eco-friendly because they are made from recycled newspapers. If the holiday smencils are out of stock, which is possible as the holidays approach, take a look at their other themed scented pencils and school supplies, including their best-selling Original Smencils, All of these products would make wonderful gifts and should be considered when looking for fundraising ideas for Christmas.

  2. Christmas wrapping paper: brilliant example of a product that everyone will buy, whether from you or a retail store.

  3. Christmas stockings: Though not quite as popular as wrapping paper, one thing shouldn’t stop another. Since wrapping paper and stocking aren’t mutually exclusive fundraising items, most stocking clients also buy wrapping paper.

  4. Custom apparels: Making mugs, t-shirts, or tumblers with a Christmas theme is simple. It raises money while promoting your non-profit organization and making a nice Christmas present.

Non-Themed but still great fundraising products:

  1. Katydids candy: Have a few cans of Katydids candy on hand. Keep one available so that people can sample it and decide if they would want to buy a tin from you. The remaining members of your team should use a brochure and order taker forms to gather orders. When determining the day on which you will place your order with your fundraising company, be sure to take into account if the delivery will take place at a location that will be closed for the holiday.
  2. Fortune cookies: Christmas spirit is an expression that, among other things, refers to the gift of generosity, of serving others, and of giving. It acts as a reminder of the value of small acts of kindness. Each chocolate-covered fortune cookie contains an uplifting phrase that makes us feel better. 

  3. Zollipops lollipops: Selling the “clean teeth” fundraising lollipops around Christmas to raise money is a great idea. The next time someone asks, “Can I have some candy? Say “YES” and enjoy yourself! Your family will enjoy the flavor, and you’ll feel good knowing that you offered them something nutritious that will make them happy. Zolli® are also the ideal KETO, diabetic-friendly treat, so they’re not just for kids! Delicious, natural, allergy-free, sugar-free, vegan, KETO, diabetic-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, created with natural flavors, no artificial colors, kosher, and endorsed by moms, dentists, and educators—Zolli® Candy is all of those things! Zolli® are the ideal anytime, everywhere delight for a healthy smile that anyone may enjoy! The world’s healthiest and most delicious lollipop fundraiser!

  4. $2 Chocolate Covered Almonds: This timeless classic never lets you down. It costs a bit more than a typical 7-11 chocolate bar, but it’s well worth it. Around the holidays, supporters tend to indulge a little more and buy more expensive goodies for themselves. It’s a terrific opportunity to kick off your chocolate fundraiser and raise money while giving your supporters a delicious treat.

  5. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods: The flavor combination of sweet and salty, which is liked by almost everyone. If you’re seeking for heavy traffic locations and want quick and simple sales, such as shopping malls, outside of supermarkets, Wal-Mart, home improvement stores, or drugstores, this is a terrific Christmas fundraising product idea. There are two varieties of these: $1 pretzel rods, which sell more quickly and easily, and $2 pretzel rods, which yield higher profits.

  6. Nuts in a can: These can be wrapped and given as genuine Christmas gifts. Why not think about launching a brochure campaign? If you are part of a school, a community center, or a martial arts studio, think about setting up a little booth where parents can buy the nuts and get their presents wrapped. Cranberry Nut Mix, Honey Roasted Peanuts, and Classic Old Fashioned Peanut Squares are three varieties that are more likely to be successful as a Christmas fundraising idea.

Christmas Fundraising Events:

  1. Hot Chocolate Stand: Do you live a region that is colder? This might be a great way to raise money. To start collecting money, all you need is a table, some volunteers, a big thermos, some milk, and chocolate mix. This fundraiser is so simple to plan that it could be added to your fundraising calendar at the last minute. Don’t forget to provide additional extras like marshmallows, cinnamon, etc. for a modest cost and increased profits for your cause.

  2. Breakfast with Santa: This may be a fantastic Christmas fundraising idea if you run a daycare or community center that serves young children. Take advantage of a special morning with the big guy himself to dream up some magic (and extra money). Serve up a pancake buffet with all the toppings, and let the children discuss their meeting with Santa. Take donations or charge a set entry price.

  3. Babysitting: Another type of fundraiser that works well for daycares and community centers but may also succeed if you own a martial arts studio or gym. Open your doors on a Saturday and provide child care, giving parents the time they need to finish their holiday shopping while knowing their children are safe and having fun.

  4. Workout Fundraiser: Raise money for your cause while eliminating holiday weight gain. In a neighborhood park, gym, or someone’s house, hold a one-day boot camp, self-defence lesson, or yoga session. Charge a fee to participate, then work out. In exchange for free publicity for their gym, ask a nearby gym owner to volunteer 1 hour of their time.

  5. Photoshoot– Plan a photo session with just the kids and their parents, or even just the kids’ pets. Visit someone on-site or book a time to visit their home or workplace. Bring costumes and props, then start having fun! You can either charge a sitting fee or just take the photos for free and sell the proofs. Arrange for a photographer to offer their time to the cause in order to save costs and increase revenue for your nonprofit.

  6. Calendars– Use a 12-month calendar to display the joyful members of your team or business. The first people in line to get this lovely keepsake present will be friends, parents, and grandparents. For this project, begin shooting photos at the beginning of the season. Use an internet tool to make it as simple as possible. Additionally, you can look for nearby businesses to sponsor your calendar for a small fee, which will boost your overall revenue.

It is considerably preferable to be in a group and be accompanied by at least 1 adult if you are planning a Fundraising Ideas Christmas event where you will sell fundraising products outside of public businesses or inside of a shopping center. Along with providing a sense of security, being in a group will also enable the kids to work together as a team to accomplish a common objective. I guarantee that parents will find it quite difficult to discourage such a fantastic event, both for the cause and the work put forward by the youth organization.

When the right product and service are made available at the right time and place, fundraising can easily turn into a year-round activity that provides your nonprofit organization with all the funds needed to make the purchases necessary to be the best they can be and achieve the dreams they have for themselves. Many Fundraising Ideas Christmas might easily turn into a very profitable endeavor and one you will add to your calendar year after year if the planning of such an event is done with care and consideration.

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