Give me 60 minutes and your team, club, classroom, school, or organization will be astounded by how much money can be raised with a strong plan and some advance planning. If you are well-prepared, each volunteer might profit more than $150 throughout this 60-minute. Some organizations even managed to surpass their prior fundraising results in just one hour.

This will not only help your organization, but it will also provide the kids a chance to take part in a fundraiser that is specifically for their benefit. They will gain valuable life lessons including goal-setting, teamwork, decision-making, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving.

Schools, graduation classes, several sports teams or associations, numerous churches, and youth organizations are just a few of the organizations that have found success with this fundraising method.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to use this simple but effective technique. Scroll down to the bottom for useful templates.

Step 1) Schedule the fundraising event

Set a date and time of 60 minutes when the fundraising event will take place

Step 2) Build your contact list

Have every member bring a list of 30 people to contact; Name and phone number, and possible an email address.

1. My Local Relatives
2. My Friends
3. My Teachers
4. My boss + coworkers
5. My church friends
6. Coworkers of my parents
7. Friends of my parents
8. Local office + small business contacts
9. Neighbors
10. Other local contacts

Step 3) Begin the fundraiser:

 For 60 minutes, everyone will contact their individual contact list:
First, phone calls.
Second, unanswered calls will receive a text message.

Step 4: Final tally: 

At the end of the 60 minutes, collect the everyone’s order sheets, add up everyone’s order onto a final tally sheet and place your order.

Tip: Above and beyond the calls and text messages, some groups choose to also send an email to any contacts they were unsuccessful at reaching and wait 48-72 hours before placing their final order.

Template available to download in PDF

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