Making more money can be done in 2 ways.

1. Increase the amount raised for each fundraising effort

2. Reduce the amount of time you spend on each campaign so you can plan more events.

Below we will review 6 Tips to increase your profit and raise more money. Keep reading….

Too frequently, organizations I work with believe they can only plan one or two campaigns a year, or risk exhausting the their supporters list. That is could be accurate if you contact the same list over and over, while selling the same products.

If you make sure the products you are offering are something they would be interested in and vary your offering, you can easily approach the same contact list many more times a year.

Consider a supermarket that carried just one item!  Food stores readily provide their customers with bread, milk, fruits, and other items knowing that customers want more than only 1 product. On the contrary, customers are appreciative of this wide selection as although they may not want everything offered to them.

The goal is to offer products and services that your community wants, can not get elsewhere, or solves a problem. For example offering gift wrapping around Christmas, selling discount cards to sports team that travel, Katydids candy to chocolate lovers, Chocolate bunnies before Easter… you understand what I mean!   Make sure your fundraising proposal is timely and interesting.

It’s also essential to recognise that some of your supporters may also be complete strangers. Younger, selling pens was one of my most successful fundraiser. Why? One, everyone needs pens; Two, they could be personalized and served as a great marketing tool for my gym; Three, we could receive a volume rebate from the distributor; and Four, They were lightweight and didn’t need to be refrigerated, making them easy to transport and store.

1. Public setting

2. 60-minute fundraising event

3. Calculate well your profit per items, not all are equal.

4. Free cases

5. No money upfront fundraiser

6. Promote

First tip: Public Setting

This one is especially effective when used with a groups or a team. This type of fundraising will appeal to you if you value teamwork and team spirit since it calls for these two attributes.  Get together in a parking lot at Walmart, a shopping center, or any other area with lots of foot traffic.  Sales of a product like chocolate bars and lollipops are straightforward at shopping malls because they are affordable, appealing to a wide audience, and timely as it satisfies customers’ cravings.   The following article discusses the ideal places to hold fundraising events:

Building relationships with customers and making it harder for them to say no are key components of selling. Buyers are naturally searching for “the catch”. They don’t want to feel as though they’ve been exploited. Due to these factors, consumers frequently put off making purchases. In the proposed setting, buyers are more likely to make a purchase when placed in a situation where they must act quickly and trust the source to be reliable, particularly if the coach is nearby and the team is proudly wearing their team jersey.  You can literally raise several hundred to over a thousand dollars per hour with this strategy of fundraising.

It would only take 25 bars per player each hour to raise $1000 if your team of 40 players sold $2 chocolate bars, earning you a 50% profit (or $1 per bar). Remember that most people in malls shop in groups (family or friends), so a single discussion can easily result in the sale of multiple chocolate bars.  

The benefit of this fundraising strategy is that it encourages teamwork and participation from all players and can easily become a fun group activity. By setting a specific day and time, you can make sure that everyone takes part in the fundraising. Finally, because they will be working as a team, introverted players will find it easier to approach new people as they will be encouraged by their teammates. They will also acquire important life skills as a result of this.

Second tip: a 60-minute fundraiser

The goal of the 60-minute fundraiser is for each team member or volunteer to write down the names, contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) of ten of their contacts.  Decide on a time and date for the 60-minute fundraising event. For a set period of 60 minutes, the volunteers will use their cell phones to reach out to everyone on their list and collect orders and money. Although there are numerous other options, you can use an app like (Cash App – Do more with your money) to make payments easier.  This strategy has been covered in-depth in a blog post. The complete article can be viewed here:  How to raise a lot of money in less than 1 hour for your next fundraiser – Gogo Fund (

Third tip: Know how to calculate well your profit per items, as they are not all equal

Despite how obvious it may seem; a lot of organizers nevertheless begin their fundraising campaigns without a clear goal in mind. They have no idea how many items each volunteer should be responsible for selling in order to ultimately raise the required sum of money.

To determine how many items of a product need to be sold in order to reach your financial goal, follow these steps:



For instance, if your baseball team needs to raise $1000 and you have 20 volunteers, each volunteer must raise $50 in order for the team to reach its target ($1000 ÷ 20 = $50 PER VOLUNTEER).

Fourth tip: Free cases

With a minimum order quantity, many fundraising products will provide a free case. The following products at Gogo-Fund are eligible for a free case for every 20 that are ordered. Take advantage of these offers if your group is larger, as they can provide free money for your fundraiser. You will make a 100% profit thanks to those free cases!

Fifth tip: No Money Upfront

The final piece of advice for making more money is to not invest in the first place, if possible!  Having product leftover at the end of one‘s fundraising campaign has been a painful reality for many organizations. Most of these unsold products are either given away or offered at a discounted price.  These work against your overall profits in both situations.  With the help of a brochure and an order taker program, your groups can solicit orders from supporters, collect money from them, and only buy the exact number of items that have been sold through your fundraiser. Think of fundraising ideas like Katydids Candy, Cookie Dough, or classic Nuts.

Sixth tip: Promote

Inform people that you are having a product sale to support your fundraising efforts. Describe what you are selling, how the proceeds will benefit your organization or the community it serves, and how much money is needed.  If your fundraiser is being held in a public place, make sure you have signs ready to draw interest and direct people toward you. Use your website, if you have one, to advertise your fundraiser. You should also put up a poster at your organization’s entrance, send emails to your contact list, write letters to the local community, and post information on social media. Make sure everyone knows about it, emphasize its significance, spread the word and make it BIG!

If you have any more tips and tricks to help raise more money, please share them at Contact – Gogo Fund ( or by phone at 866-960-4646 toll-free. 

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