Children will be the next generation to make an active effort to promote human welfare and fundraisers, the next generation of philanthropists! It essential that we raise them to be compassionate and charitable. Here are some ideas for getting youngsters involved in fundraising. We at Gogo-Fund are enthusiastic about supporting people in raising funds for the causes they care about. The next generation will quickly be in charge of carrying on this incredible task! As a result, it is critical that we teach children why it is so crucial to be charitable. In this post, we’ll provide some ideas for raising your children to be kind, philanthropic, and concerned about the well-being of others and the globe. We’ll also give you some great ideas for getting kids engaged in fundraising, whether at home, school, or via their sports club.


We are convinced that it is possible to raise a child who is considerate of others and willing to devote their time and energy to changing their community and the world. We’ve compiled a list of 12 ideas to get you started on the path to raising a compassionate child:

1. Events that are sponsored.

Sponsored sporting events, such baseball or football games, are beneficial to children because they allow them to practise a skill and learn how to be committed to a task while also raising funds.

2. Donate or sell toys.

Encourage your children to sort through their old toys and donate some to charity or sell them at a yard sale. They could also make craft items to sell, with the proceeds benefiting a worthy cause.

3. Empty Bottle Returns

Request that your children collect and return empty bottles, as well as collect deposits, and donate the money to a good cause. Inviting your neighbours to donate any empty soda or liquor bottles they may have lying around is a great way to start.

4. Instead of gifts, donate

Instead of giving your child gifts for their birthday and Christmas, ask relatives and friends to donate to a charity of their choice.

5. The Battle of the Bands

Many children aspire to be the next big pop star, so why not help them achieve their goal while raising funds through a Battle of the Bands competition? Organize it at a local school or community centre, charge admission, and donate all proceeds to charity. This is also effective for talent shows, variety shows, and discos.

6. Seasonal fund-raising events

Enjoy and seasons by participating in seasonal fundraisers such as festivals or sponsored events in the summer and Christmas fairs and craft making in the winter.

7. Balloon Popping

This is a simple and inexpensive fundraiser that could take place at a local school, gym, or community center. Fill hundreds of balloons with either a prize or a note on the inside that says, “So sorry, try again.” Allow students to pop the balloons for a low fee and have fun and laughter raising money for charity!

8. Attack with art

Run an art competition at your local school, youth group, church, or sports club, with the proceeds from any arts and crafts sold going to charity. To get more kids involved, create a fun theme.

9. Sell Candles

Candles are inexpensive if purchased in bulk, but they are also simple to make from scratch. In any case, this is a product from which you could generate some money quickly to donate to a local cause.

10. Bake-off

The catch is that it must be run entirely by children from start to finish. Request that they plan the cakes, shopping, and pricing. You may find it difficult to leave them to it but allow them to direct the baking as much as possible. If you have younger children, make sure they ask you to deal with the oven.

11. Blowout Sale on Used Books

Inquire around to see if anyone has any old books they’d like to get rid of, and then sell them all at a sidewalk sale. See if you can get a table at a flea market or festival where there will be a lot of people.

12. Dress-up day

This is the most straightforward way for schools to generate revenue. Simply set aside a day for children to dress up in their own clothes or in costume, or even an “ugly sweater day” and charge them a flat amount. You could even base it on a holiday, such as Read Across America Day on March 2, celebrate the 100th school day, Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Week, Easter, or Christmas.

Why not share your tips with us on how you help raise your children to be philanthropic?

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