As a fundraising organizer, the first question that comes to mind is what kind of product you’ll offer to your supporters. Moreover, many organizations have suffered financial losses as a result of COVID-19-related cancellations of fundraising events. There is a way forward! By choosing the right product(s) to sell, your organization can continue to raise funds and engage supporters.

Before we get into the products, it’s important to understand who your members and community are. Before deciding on a good fundraising product for you and your organization, consider the following: How old are the members who will assist you in selling items, who are your customers (age, gender, etc. ), will the goods be sold at a school, an office space, a concession stand, how many members do you have and what are your financial goals, how motivated are your members, how much time do you have to raise funds, can you benefit from a holiday (x-mas, Valentines, etc)

Profit percentage and dollar profit per item sold are the two most important aspects of a good product.

Food and school supplies are always popular fundraising items, and there are many options to choose from. Here are a few good things to sell at a fundraiser:


Chocolate, which originated with the Mayans and Aztecs who drank crushed cocoa beans, is the world’s most popular sweet treat and a fundraising staple. Chocolate comes in a variety of flavors that appeal to a wide range of people: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds, mint, crisp, and so on. Chocolate is always a hit; it’s easy to sell and can net you a profit of up to 55%.

• Highest profit % = $2 Chocolatier (up to 55%)
• Highest profit $ = Katydids Candy (Up to $7.50 per tin)


Thousands of years ago, cave people collecting honey from beehives with a stick probably invented the first incarnation of the lollipop. They most likely licked the stick, thus inventing the world’s first lollipop, because they didn’t want to waste the sweet nectar.

If a low upfront investment is what you are looking for, lollipops is a great fundraising option. They are inexpensive and everyone enjoys them. They’re popular with a wide range of people, but concession stands make the most of them. They don’t need to be refrigerated and have an extremely long shelf life.


These colorful and chewy treats aren’t your typical snack. There are people who love to munch on chocolates, and then there are the candy lovers who are obsessed with anything chewy, gooey, and gummy. Gummy candies seem to be gaining in popularity, and there’s now a gummy candy in almost every shape you can think of.

They may not be as well-known in fundraising as chocolates, but they certainly deserve their place. Some of these items can earn you up to 60%, which is more than chocolate!

• Highest profit % = $2 Main Street Gummies (up to 60%)
• Highest profit $ = $2 Main Street Gummies (Up to $1.20 per bag)
• Brand recognition mention: $2 Welch’s (58% profit)


Cotton candy, also known as fairy floss or candy floss, can be traced back to a type of spun sugar discovered in Europe in the 19th century, according to several sources. This yummy treat is now making its way into the world of fundraising.

“What are new fundraising ideas?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from the chairman. “Something new, something different.” Cotton candy is a product to consider because it has the same profit margin as your average chocolate bar (50%) and could even raise you more money because the retail price is $3, rather than $1 or $2 like your typical chocolate and candy options.


This one-of-a-kind item is also a great contender for anyone looking for new and exciting fundraising ideas. Although fortune cookies appeal to people of all ages, they are particularly popular with school groups because each cookie contains an inspirational quote that can help people feel more positive and encouraged. This is a unique take on the traditional fortune cookie.


Every now and then, a new product emerges that causes havoc in the fundraising world. The newest and most recent member of this exclusive group is the chocolate covered Pretzel Rod.

So, what exactly are they and why are they so popular? The sweet and salty flavors of chocolate covered pretzel rods are a winning combination. Crisp and salty pretzel rods are dipped in luscious chocolate and topped with festive sprinkles for a fun dessert that can be served at any time, making them one of the easiest sweet treats to sell at a fundraiser.

Customers have said things like “easy to sell!” and “need more,” and “supporters keep coming back for more.” They’re just as popular for school fundraisers as they are for sports or church fundraisers.


Popcorn is a relatively modern snack that is typically consumed while watching television or a movie, which is why many people choose this snack option to raise money because it appeals to almost everyone.

Popcorn fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular as organizers realize that demand for ready-to-eat popcorn has increased exponentially since the outbreak of the pandemic, as consumers prefer to watch movies at home rather than go to the movies. Ready-to-eat popcorn generated $1.7 billion in sales last year, up 9.1 percent from the previous year, and up 18.7% in comparison to 2019 as per Candy & Snack Today reported

Aside from the rising demand, popcorn has a long shelf life, making it simple to ship and store.


Smencils are a great idea for novice or first-time fundraisers because they are simple to sell and profitable. To sell these products, you don’t need to know any complicated concepts. You won’t have any trouble explaining the benefits of these products to your customers because they are already well-known.

People who use pencils on a daily basis would be the best customers for scented pencils. Because students and teachers are the ones who use pencils on a daily basis, it is highly recommended that you market your products to them.

Because these pencils are primarily made of used newspapers soaked in gourmet scents, they are also very environmentally friendly. These items will not only generate revenue for your fundraiser, but they will also promote environmental awareness. Students like the peppermint-scented variety because it helps them concentrate and focus on their studies. Because the graphite used in these products is machine-readable, they are also ideal for use in exams. This means you can use these products in exams where the test papers will be read by a computer.

Various organizations, ranging from schools to sports teams, require monetary support.

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