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If you are looking to start a fundraising campaign, is the best place to start. We have tons of fundraising products that may help you with your campaign. Our goal is to provide you with the best fundraising products and ideas so you can start a successful fundraiser!

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You've Got Big Goals. Reach Them With Gogo-Fund

We have easy ways to help raise BIG profits, plus you can earn up to 55% profit on select items. We have a dedicated Fundraising expert who is ready to meet you, answer your questions and support your fundraising needs.

Cash 'N Carry

‌Buy goods to have on hand and sell to supporters

Brochure Program

‌Pre-sell, collect the funds, place the order, and then distribute the items out.

Online Store

‌Create your own online store and invite supporters to make a purchase.


‌Create your own donation page, and increase the success of your fundraiser.

Only the best products for your fundraiser

All of the products on gogo-fund are effective and reputable as they have been reviewed and shown to have a proven track record in the fundraising community.

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We want to make things easier for you, so we’re creating a compilation of useful ideas on our blog with the best information for your next fundraiser. No matter if you’re trying to raise funds for school field trips, new playground equipment, or another nonprofit event — we have the best tips and ideas for you

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